PCI Series
JET-5035 PCI Bus Isolation Extenders
Straight PCI32 Hot Swap card

Straight PCI32 Hot Swap card

JET-5035 PCI32 Hot Swap Extender is 32 bits PCI Bus slot extension protector device. After installation it on motherboard, user can exchange the card without power on the system power. (He just only uses the hardware switch or software control to isolate all PCI bus signals)

Since user can directly unplug the PCI interface card under system power on, it will save the testing time for system restart. (Include power on BIOS testing, boot Operating System (such as loading Microsoft Windows 31/95/98/2000/NT) and loading testing program. Apply the PCI Hot Swap Extender in manufacture testing and debugging, it will approve the effectively about 2~5 times.

JET-5035 card support the current over load protection, When the current is over load (such as power signal short), it will isolate (switch off) all PCI signals (include power signals) upon to tested card to reduce the motherboard and PCI interface card defection.